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Is your workforce living up to its brightest potential?

Hopefully, your answer is a confident yes. In an age where resources are becoming increasingly scarce, it's critical that your employees are firing on all cylinders. They must get it right every time. (Any margin for error you may ever have enjoyed is a thing of the past.)

But what if you suspect your people aren't as focused, innovative and results-driven as they need to be to help you survive the recession? Then it's time to act. Fast.

Kimberly Douglas, SPHR, CPF - founder of FireFly Facilitation and author of The Firefly Effect: Build Teams That Capture Creativity and Catapult Results (Wiley) - will help you unleash and leverage the natural collective brilliance and energy of the team you have in place right now.

A strategic facilitator and team dynamics expert known for her no-nonsense approach, Kimberly harvests best practices from many industries and synthesizes them into clear, customized deliverables. (Past clients include Coca-Cola, Home Depot and even the U.S. Marine Corps.) Employees walk away from her sessions knowing exactly what to do-and "fired up" to get started.

First, she'll aim a "laser focus" on what your company does or can do best. Then, once everyone "gets" the strategy, she'll teach them how to work together productively, creatively and yes, profitably. (Her clients say she's a master at building team synergy.)

Kimberly helps you create the kind of nimble, idea-generating entrepreneurial culture that thrives in the global economy. Best of all, you'll see tangible, measurable results right away…and a future that's blazing with potential.

Contact Kimberly today to get started.

Kimberly Douglas
Kimberly Douglas, SPHR, CPF
President of FireFly Facilitation, Inc., is a nationally recognized team effectiveness expert. Learn more.
"Kimberly clearly understands the balance an effective facilitator must strike between sparking creativity and driving results. The sessions she has led on our behalf have all driven substantive outcomes that are having a positive impact on our business."

- Brad Shaw
SVP Corporate Communications and External Affairs
The Home Depot

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The FireFly Effect
The Firefly Effect:
Build Teams That Capture Creativity and Catapult Results (Wiley)
By Kimberly Douglas, SPHR, CPF

Seeking a more innovative and productive workforce? The Firefly Effect illuminates your path, teaching you how to transform your group's talents and energy into workable business ideas. Packed with do-it-now tactics and compelling real-world stories, Kimberly's book helps leaders in all fields engage and direct team members in the "firefly chase" of creativity.

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